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Lip Blush

LUXE Dublin are proud to present our newest treatment: Lip Blush, a semi-permanent tattoo treatment that enhances the natural shape of your lips – giving you full, beautiful lips 24 hours a day. Lip Blush is a modern style of semi-permanent make-up. We know that thick, bold lip liners can look dated and unnatural so this treatment is all about making your lips even, creating the illusion of volume, and ensuring that the colour stays put in any situation. All you need to do is add a little gloss and you’re good to go! The treatment can be as subtle or as dramatic as you desire so you can choose the perfect lip for you.

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Lip Blush

Lip Blush can last between 2/3 years. With time and sun exposure the pigment can lighten and it may be necessary to have an annual touch up to bring the appearance back to its original high standards. At Luxe Dublin we offer two types of Lip Blush.

Sheer Lips

Sheer Lips are a soft tint of colour throughout the lips for a natural wash of colour. No harsh borders and outlines! Perfect for those looking for a flush of colour throughout their natural lips.

HD Lips

HD Lips are a lipstick effect technique with a full saturation of colour. The outline is more sharp and defined but this can still be completed using a very natural colour. This suits those wanting a solid colour through the lip area.

Options & Pricing


Lip Blush Consultation

Deposit can be transferred onto lip blush appointment or
refunded if your not a candidate.

Lip Blush

Sheer Lips are a soft tint
of colour throughout the lips for a natural wash of colour. No harsh borders and outlines! Perfect for those looking for a flush of colour throughout their natural lips. All information about lip blush is on our website.

Lip Blush Top Up 6-8 Weeks

This service is for clients who have already had their main service of lip blush done in the last 6-12 weeks. Please do not select this option if you have not already booked your Lip Blush Appointment.

6-12 Month Top Up

For lips that have already been completed by Luxe Dublin.

12-18 Month Top Up

For lips that have already been completed by Luxe Dublin. Anything over 18 months will be the full price of lip blush session.

FAQ and Information

Use a q-tip to apply a thin layer of the provided aftercare to your lips. Reapply several times daily. It is essential to keep your lips well hydrated during the healing process. Wash twice a day with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Gently pat dry with a paper towel, and reapply aftercare balm.

Swelling, bruising, discomfort/tenderness, bleeding, and pain are normal reactions to the service. Please keep lips hydrated with provided balm or Aquaphor. Allowing lips to dry out will result in extreme loss of pigmentation and undesired results. Applying a cold compress or ice wrapped in a small towel or paper towel as needed can help.


  • Increased sweating or intense physical activities. Salt is a natural saline solution that pushes the pigment out and lessens the retention
  • Swimming
  • Sauna/jacuzzi/tanning
  • Laser or chemical treatments/peels
  • Retin-A or Glycolic Acid
  • Heavy cleaning with dust or debris
  • Spicy foods
  • Smoking/Alcohol (slows down healing)
  • Driving in open air vehicles (convertibles, boats, bikes, motorcycles)
  • Excessively touching treated area other than to clean or apply balm
  • Do NOT apply ANY MAKEUP on or around treated area


  • Do not take long or super hot showers within the first 7 days. It can cause perspiration and push the pigment out.
  • Do not scratch or pick the treated area when it starts to itch or become patchy while healing. Pat instead. This will avoid scarring and pigment loss.
  • Do not pick at the area during peeling stage. It is part of the natural healing process. Your permanent makeup will appear softer and greyer until the color clarifies. Your new permanent makeup will go through several phases during the healing cycle.
  • It is normal for clients to lose original hair strokes or pigmentation. Everyone’s skin is different! It is absolutely normal and possible to heal unevenly. This is why a touch up session is required to add more strokes or pigmentation and perfect the shape if needed.
  • Keep your face away from the shower head while healing.
  • No makeup on treated area until peeling is finished. No exceptions.
  • Avoid sleeping positions that will rub your treated area while healing. Try sleeping on your side or wearing a silk or satin face mask to avoid friction
  • Cover your brows or treated area with a hat if you’re in the sun. The sun will cause the area to fade, resulting in an undesired color. Always wear sunscreen on the treated area after they heal if you aren’t wearing makeup.
  • For lips, avoid kissing for the first 7 days
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